When you aren't sure you're fully attracted to someone?

I like my coworker, he likes me, we get along better than i've ever seen in anyone -- but I don't know if i'm fully attracted to him. I feel like a terrible person saying that. I like his body (a lot) but i'm not that attracted to his face... Which I understand sounds awful. What should I do? Just ignore it? ANyone with experience with dating someone like this is it a problem or do you just get over it and not care?

Also, I'm not trying to be a bitch, it matters to me though.


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  • Well, if you don't feel physically attracted to him, let him know you're not attracted. You will only hurt yourself and whom if you go out with him, but don't feel 100% sure you want him.

    I was told I wasn't a girl's type, and we are still very good friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well if he asks you out, I would give him a chance. He may grow on you :)

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