Guys, how would you react if your crush asked to be just friends?

I like him back, but I just got out of avery traumatic, abusive, long relationship so I don't want to jump into anything. I told him exactly that and hinted that I like him back and said I definitely want to still talk and hang out and he seemed fine with that and then admitted he liked me.

How would you feel if your crush said this? Would you still want to talk/hang out or would you let it go and move on?


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  • It doesn't really seem like he did anything wrong or weird but give you what you want... When you said that you "hinted" to your feelings, he might not have caught that. Guys aren't that good with hints.

    Anyway, if I was in your situation, I would be happy that my crush was understanding and cared enough not to rush me. I would still want to talk and hang out him.

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