What do guys really think about dating "thick" girls, or just thick girls in general?

So I'm asking this question because I've seen skinny girls bashing bigger girls, and bigger girls bashing skinny girls, so I was just wondering what guys REALLY think when it comes to dating thick girls. I myself am thick, but I'm also tall, so I'm more stretched out. Unlike most REAL world thick girls I'm fortunate enough to not really have much of a stomach, but that usually doesn't happen with thick girls. We tend to get the fuller tummy, thighs, butt, and hips. (I'd show you a picture of myself for example, but I don't know how. Lol.) So I was wondering what you think of you're typical real world thick girls, that you see in your regular everyday life.

So I think this should be my picture...



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  • I personally don't like thick girls, but I'll give you a second chance cause you said you don't have a stomach.

    if you want to show your pic, try using this website tinypicdotcom, upload a picture and take the direct link and put it into the 'update' section on here.

    • Ohhhh smart. But as far as your initial comment goes, I'm 17 first off, you're 30. Secondly you really wouldn't date someone if they had a stomach? That's limiting, no? I'm not attacking you, I'm really curious.

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    • If the relationship went so far as to her having my kids, and she has extra skin on her stomach I wouldn't care any more.

    • Then that's a good thing. :)

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  • I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that if a girl likes how she looks, I do too. Thick or skinny

    • That's a really cool way to be. Gives you a wider range to choose from.

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    • Rahdie is right, all depends on what someone is attracted to. Some men love thicker women, others want a girl in the middle. Some men love them tiny and skinny. All depends on the guy, just like women have different tastes.

  • I'd date a THICK girl if she had a cute feminine face ^^ + I don't really care about the rest as long as she had some sort of a SHAPE to her body

  • There are plenty of guys that are into dating thick girls, aka non-skinny girls!

    Just take a look around any public place where there are couples, and you will see plenty of not-skinny ladies with guys! :)

  • There is a difference between "thick" and just plain fat. Both are unhealthy, and can lead to early death. Hit the gym ladies and none of this would even be a problem

    • And this is why I don't like to deal with guys my age.

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    • Okay, okay. Let's just end this or we'll be going back and forth all night. I just sent it to my friend, I'll see what he days in the morning. Goodniighhttt. :)

  • Yes they should

  • Thick girls are hot. But thick and curvy is amazing.

    Sex is so good with a thick women ;)

    • I always thought they were hand in hand, that's why I didn't put both. Lol.

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    • Sure if you want. I think there different. Thick is thick. Curvy is curvy. Kim kardasian is curvy and even someone with more weight BUT that shape. Know what I mean?

      And someone thick is more basically anyone that's bigger than a normal size women. Not necessarily sexy though lol

      But curvy is always sexy haha. Thick and curvy ouff lol

      In that picture you look curvy

    • ThanksI. I'm not a Kim Kardasian fan, but I get the reference. I understand what you're saying.

  • It depends how she fills out.
    This is what I like in a thick girl.
    This isn't attractive to me.

    • See this is what I meant when I said real world thick, I suppose I "filled out" more like the top, but the second is more probable for you to find in everyday life. What don't you like about her? Her stomach?

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    • I'm sorry, I can't really see that deep into her eyes. But I guess. She just looked like she was modeling to me. Models aren't usually going for happy faces. The girl up top doesn't look, "happy"either.

    • Exactly. It's when the fat starts changing the shape of the body that it becomes unattractive. For most guys, anyway. Even if they'll try to avoid saying they aren't attracted to bigger women, since they don't want to hurt feelings. There are still a lot of guys who would go for number two, but not most. I think we should have this question towards males, and see what women say about fatter males. I suspect it will be similar.

  • I promise you that every guy loves at least one specific shape and size! It is all about personal preference. There are guys that love larger girls and there are guys that love smaller girls!

    • Yes, I suppose that's true. I'm just really trying to get into you guys' heads. Lol.

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  • I am extremely small, skinny, and honey due to some stressful events that don't matter. But I'd put any thick girl on top of me (by ranks not litterally), thick and fat girls are two different things. Even if thick girls are a little flabby, they are still that way due to muscle. Another part being bone, girls are cursed with having to bear offspring. To survive through birth, girls from young age, start seeing their hips and legs grow wider and larger so the child has room to push out. So don't be discouraged because I bet you have 'birthing hips from out of this world!' If you know your history around times of people like Marilyn Monroe, you'd know that was a compliment.

    • Omg. Lol. Yeah I know what you mean. Don't diss yourself though. Every shape and size is beautiful. Stay confident girl. ;)

  • Yea Im one of those thick girls witha flatter stomache. I only consider myself thick because of my thighs though

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