Why is she giving me mixed signals?

Her parents would not let us see each other we still decided to date see each other every once in a while. We had plans to move out that next week finally was all going to be worth it. She got scared and backed out. She was choosing me over her family. She pretty much just dumped on our relationship and said it's not thinking about the future. I told her to consider this before and she said yes yes yes for months. We are in love no doubt. After ending it she calls me the next day crying. I call her two days later seeing how she's doing she acts like it's fine nothing happened.

I got pissed at the mixed signals and blew up. Said I'm basically moving on I'm not calling you you are too immature for this do what you want. Can tell I hurt her. I apologized the next day saying I'll be here If you need me. Was really nice and apologetic and explained I know it's hard but she said I was really mean to her And this isn't the first time I've blown up on her like this. Said I don't know if I want to talk to you anymore.. I need some space.
In all honesty I've said some pretty hurtful things to her in the past.

Just give her her space I guess? This shit really hurts though.

Do I have a right to be pissed


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  • There's probably something she's not telling you. This is better felt with face to face, but it sound like y'all might break up...

    • Like what?

    • we already broke up. But when she called me that next day she still wasn't sure. She went back to asking me if we go back.

    • You said her parents didn't want her to date you, maybe its a family thing. But if you want to get back together you both can't have any secrets or hide emotional from each other

  • give her space.

    • What do you think is going on in her head. Just confused?

    • I know what it's like to be in a situation where you're just confused and you are trying not to be but it sorta just happens. But I think it's just confusion. Give her space for like a week and then just try to help her make up her mind.

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