Should I let him go or hang on?

I have dating this guy for 2month, we are in a long distance relationship, he never texts me first or calls me , for the last few days he has been behaving strange, when ever i text him he replies but tries to end the conversation. few days ago i text him a good night message and he didn't reply me!

yesterday i text him coz i wanted to talk to him, he replied and told me he was going out to eat , but would be back in few hours so we could have a chat, after one hour i saw him back online but he never text me , he was online for few hours and then signed out without.

should i reply him incase he tries to talk to me after few days or i should just keep silent and let him go? I do like him a lot


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  • Those aren't good signs. You can try talking to him about it first. If the situation doesn't change, I'd let him go.