He wants to take things slow... How do I react, what does it mean and how do I deal with this?

First of all: Bear with me, because English is not my native language!

I've been dating this guy 1,5 month now. We started off really nicely. He took me to a restaurant and we started seeing each other once/twice a week and we texted everyday. He introduced me to his mom and dad, and it all felt really good and comfortable. I invited him over to my house to meet my mom and right before he came over he texted out of the blue that he wanted to take things slow... He still went to my moms house and after we left I asked him what it all meant?

He told me that he had rushed things in previous relationships and that he wanted to let things grow naturally. He likes me and he likes the way we have so many things in common. He wanted a week for him self to determine if this feelings of love that he felt, were real. He had the feeling that the so called string was to tight and he wanted to release some tension. He didn't want to let go of the string. He also thought that we had sex to soon.

I just don't know how to react to this. I want to give him this space, and I will because I think its important, but I feel kind of rejected. The thing is that I really like him as well and I even feel some love for him. But I can't help thinking that this is a nice way to say: 'hey I want to prepare you for the upcoming cut-off' and he is going to say that he isn't feeling what he's supposed to feel and that I was waiting for nothing. And in order to protect my feelings I feel myself putting up this wall for him.

He still texts me, but not as freely as it used to be and somehow I feel a lot of fear... So girls and guys, what is your opinion on this one? Should I stay or take a run?


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  • You're getting played.


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