What makes a guy introduce a girl to his friends?

If the girl isn't his girlfriend and they are just getting to know each other. Does it mean anything? Do guys do this to perhaps get like their friend's opinion/approval or something?

In the scenario like his friends leave the both of you as soon as he introduced you to them.


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  • It depends, was it just convenient for him to introduce you? Like you bumped into them?-That is just being polite.

    If he goes out of his way to arrange a hangout with all of you, for me that is a big deal because that means you're someone to me in my life now. When I first meet a girl, I put you in your own partition of my life, maybe tell a friend or two. When you meet other people in my life, you are no longer in your own partition and more in my life, which means I care about you and want you.

    • I was meeting him for dinner and when i got to him, i saw that his friend was waiting with him. His friend started off saying like "so she's the lucky girl" when i came up to them. He introduced me to him and we shook hands then that was it and his friend left us. So i was wondering what could be the point of this.

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    • I see, alright thanks i shall just take things as it is then :-) later that night he asked if i told my friends about going out with him. do you have any idea why he would ask that?

    • I think you guys are stuck in that stupid area of dating (I'm currently there as well unfortunately...) where you are maybe moving on from just getting to knowing each other, to dating, which means a whole range of things to different people. BUT at the same time its to early to just straight out talk about both of your expectations... So he may be trying to gauge your interest level just like you are with him. But its still near impossible to really infer anything from it. I hate this myself...

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  • "Does it mean anything?"


    "Do guys do this to perhaps get like their friend's opinion/approval or something?"

    -or something-


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  • Either/and/or:

    - Is really into you and wants to spend time with you as often as possible... but doesn't want to miss out on his usual social life
    - Showing off
    - Approval
    - Letting them know that the girl he is talking about is actually real lol