Did this girl that I was 'seeing' play me? What to do?

So I met this girl out one night with mutual friends. We used to speak every day for quite some months, flirting and we seemed to have become comfortable around each other and developing a friendship too. I gave an interest in her family and friends. She was very hard to see though, would always have an excuse about why we couldn’t catch up but when we did she seemed interested but sort of cold towards me, never smiling around me. I introduced her to my close friends and family and saw her more at night time, when I felt more comfortable because I was able to drink and would try and get her home to sleep with her but she would end up going home. I would text her making sure she got home safely etc and try and see her the next day. We carried on talking for a few months as per usual, I would tell her I missed her and showed that I was definitely interested. She is moving interstate and about 2 months later we became somewhat distant and I noticed photos of her and this particular guy together, and to show of one night I sent her a photo of my abs and she messaged me saying that she has a boyfriend but she was interested in me beforehand but couldn’t foresee it going anywhere. This girl is a from a very wealthy family and constantly travels, and lives ‘the life’. Then I noticed a few weeks later she is friends with a few male athletes that are worth millions, and are probably after her. This just made even more sense to me that she probably just played me and has many options.

I've uploaded snapchats on my stories and she hasn't looked at them-when she normally would look at them (it shows when someone sees them).


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  • Uh you said she would have excuses not to see you, she was cold, didn't smile, and would always go home alone. Where did she "play" you? Seems very clear she wasn't interested. Could also be that she was into to dudes and not girls.

  • lol if you're a guy then whyy a girl's account? :P