If she's leaving soon and she's open to people hanging out is now the time?

This girl I've had a crush on will be leaving soon. I've thought there has been multiple signs to not pursue her. I first thought her and my friend were dating. Then when I would ask her to hang out she always seemed to be busy. Which seems true (she post stuff about the excuses on Facebook? Now she is leaving and has left an open invitation for people to hang out with her before she leaves. Should I not pursue her because she leaving anyway. Or should ask her to lunch and just see what happens?


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  • You can but don't get your hopes up. It doesn't mean she wants to date people before she goes, just make some good memories with old friends

    • I know. I've asked to hang out before bit she was busy. I felt awkward to ask her again. Is this a good opportunity to hang out without a risk of awkwardness? I'm probably not gonna date her just want to spend time with a really cool person.

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