What breeds of dogs say about a person you'd date?

I will own a huskey after I graduate, what do you think of guys/girls with a husky and which dog breed you want/own?


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  • I work with a lottttt of dogs and I meet a lottt of their owners. I just get the impression that they like dogs. I doubt there's some secret meaning as to what their dog breeds say about them.

    I think a person with a Husky, likes huskies. Simple.

    This is the dog I want and will definitely own before I die:



    • Seen this one before, thought it was a lion :D.

  • I have a rottweiler, pitbull, and chocolate lab. ahh.

    I WANT a corgi.

    • But you NEED a dacshund :D

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    • One- if it's your dog there are ways to keep him from doing that.
      2- look up long haired English cream dacshunds and get back to me :D

    • @NateInAk

      ... suddenly I need a dachshund.

  • Lol guess I'm going to prison then. I love Australian Sheppards. Though mixed breeds are the best =)

  • I own a mini allstrailan shepherd and a shitsapoo but I think I'd probably like to own a mini collie or a boarder collie


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  • It'd be cool. I want to own an afgan hound.

    • Cleaning would be hard though.

  • I buy into bullshit so I read deeply into things like what kind of dog somebody has and it heavily influences my decision as to whether or not I'm going to date them!


    • Read what? I didn't read anything and yes the things you choose to own reflects who you are, pets are one of those things. Sass but stupid.

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    • Nope that's not the case, I'm sorry for not acting like every other person you bully on the internet. I can take a joke but your's is just so sad. I mean it must be hard for you to be in your late 20's running around on the web pulling off sad jokes, must be a wonderful life you got there. The things you own do actually say what type of character you are and I can't have a dog because dorm rules, making a joke out of this doesn't even make you sound intelligent, it makes you look sad, really sad.

    • Yeah yeah, the worlds smallest violin plays for you!