They all are dating and I'm not.

i hang out wit my friends all the time, but the problem is that they all are dating and I'm not. when were all together they are with there bf/gf and I'm left all alone. i no that they don't try to do it on purpose but.. idk. i want to stop going places with them so they can have there privacy or whatever. because really I'm very uncomfortable.. thanks to all that are willing to help.


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  • I know where you're coming from.

    I have some friends who bring their boyfriends everywhere.

    But all things considered, I don't want to hang out with your boyfriend.

    So I'll just ask ahead of time. "who's all there?", "who's all coming?"

    "No, your boyfriend's a cool guy, but if I'd intended upon hanging out with him too, I would have sent a text to both of you."


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