How is dating in Oregon?

How is the dating scene in Oregon? Are the girls more aggressive? Are the guys? Is it diverse? Is it a different dating experice if you're white vs black?


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  • Where are you in Oregon? Girls aren't more aggressive, i would probably rather say, more laid back, more confident in an "i don't care" kind of way. We are very diverse especially as you get closer to Portland. My very close SO of two years is Asian American and I am as white as a lily. I am not really into the dating scene anymore though, or the party scene, so my experience may be a little outdated. Have fun, because Oregon is fun!

    • I had an ex move there. He's African (black). Are there many black people there, or is it like seeing Big Foot? Lol

    • Yes, there is a black community here:) I work in a hospital with black, Polynesian, Asian, Indian, professionals-gays- and it is, as far as I am concerned, very natural. I think what's nice (speaking from experience) is that a multicultural relationship is much more accepted here than in other parts of the country. As a white girl with an Asian man, I have more problems with his mother than I do with the community at large.

  • I keep hearing men in Oregon are sluts.

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