Do you think being in a male dominated field helps finding a guy?

I was talking to my friend the other day about how hard dating is.
We're kinda using opposite strategies. She hooks up and casually dates a lot of guys while I try to date more seriously to find the one. And both doesn't work. We both have never been in a long term relationship. I'm still a virgin

And she said I was worrying about nothing because since I was studying computer science I'd be around plenty of guys after college. She said "You're in science, you're fit, you're pretty you'll have guys flocking over you once you start working. I'm in fashion design only gay guys work in fashion"

Is there any truth to it? Does being in a field that is dominated by the opposite gender helpful in finding a partner?
It seems like all the guys in my classes date girls in arts, or nursing whatever so I don't think it really matters


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  • Not really if guys aren't approaching you. You might need to just say high to guys you might be interested in. For me if a girl said hi it would be enough to get a conversation going. Why can't single girls just be more friendly. If a girl is the slight bit interested why can't she say hi at the very least. It's obvious I'm single.

    • ya that'd be my problem, I don't get asked out

    • I have girls around me in college all the time. Unless. I approach nothing happens. Girls could try just introducing themselves. Not necessarily ask me out. I'm usually worried I'm bothering girl and have no idea if she's even want to talk.

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  • I used to be in the military and was an engineering major before that. The answer is yes. How about a female dominated field? I'm studying biology now and believe it or not I am surrounded by a lot of women. Probably 2 for every 1 guy. I just got out of a lab where there was only one other guy.

    • well I would think the same rules apply mostly. So if you think I'd be at an advantage then so are you

  • Not really. The dating field is so swamped by guys already, that being in a high male ratio environment provides little advantage.

    • I don't think that's true, it seems like most guys just want to hook up. How do you know that more guys than girls want to date?

    • Because guys approach all the time, and girls nearly never approach.

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  • Yes by a consequence of mathematics. When you're out working you have limited exposure to people and co-workers become a significant source of social interaction. When you are in a male dominated field the ratio changes so there is 1 female for every x amount of men. It simply increases your odds of finding a man since you are in high demand and limited supply versus an environment where there is 2 women for every 1 man or an equal ratio.

    • well the guys disagreed. Still I hope you're right :)