I drunk text this guy I'm dating, I've apologised but now he won't talk to me. What should I do? I feel so bad?

The other night I drunk text this guy I'm dating. I didn't saying anything to bad I don't think. I said we haven't spoken as much lately and I really like you and I want to see you again soon. I asked him if he was dating anyone else and I kept writing I'm really drunk I'm sorry.

Well the next morning I text him back saying how sorry I was and how drunk I was. That I was beating myself up over it and how I don't normally do this type of thing and that I was a complete asshole and I'm so sorry. It's been a day now and I haven't heard anything from him. I sent a message to him today to try and just talk and he hasn't even looked at it.
Is there anything I can do or is it to late. I feel so bad about it and I know I screwed up but I can't turn back time and I have apologised profusely!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And please don't tell me not to drink and how bad it is, already know that and that won't change anything!
Thank you x


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  • When in doubt, Drink harder liquor ! Kiddin'..

    How could you describe this fella you caught feelings for? :p

    • Haha, yeah but turn my phone off this time :)

      Do mean the type of guy he is?
      He seemed quite layed back, nice guy, we had a nice time on our dates.
      He has said though he over analyses people. He's also said he's quite self-conscious at times. I didn't personally attack him or anything. I just said I wanted to talk to him more and see him more. I also told him I wanted to kiss him but I'd told him that before.

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    • of course haha.
      take a breather once in a while, and stay sober for a month or two,
      then you can tell him with a clear conscious you haven't drank for him.

      assuming he doesn't like drunk girls.

      Always here to help ^^.

      May the booze be without you Young Patawon. #StarWars

    • Funny thing is I very rarely drink like that, it was only because there was a big rugby game on that I was. We'll see what happens :)

      Love the Star Wars reference! :)

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