I sent a request to the girl I like on Instagram. She accepted it but didn't follow me back. Can somebody help me?

So I like a girl. First I sent her a request on Facebook and she accepted it. The next day I saw her at school and she sat right behind me, but I didn't know that. Then I turned around to put put my lunch box in my bag and she was also putting something in her bag. And we looked at each other, then we turned around again. Two days later the whole school had a parent meeting. And while I was going out, she was sitting in the school cafeteria. She was sitting with another girl and was looking at me, I'm almost sure about it even though I just saw her looking at me with the side of my eye. The evening of the next day I sent her a request on Instagram. The next morning I checked if she had accepted my request. And actually she did it, but I was expecting her to follow me back, but she didn't and now I just don't know what to do. And I'm 2 years older than her, is that a big difference?


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  • Um id love to help, but i do not get the question. Are you wondering if she likes you? Cause if so i wouldn't judge that based on a instagram follow.

    • Actually yes, I'm wondering if she likes me.

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