Why girl I've met didn't picked the call?

I've met girl two days after date I called her, she didn't picked. What should I do?


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  • I'm not exactly sure if you had a first date with this girl or if you just met her and asked for the phone number. Which ever it is, this is what you should do. Men should always pay attention to what the woman they're interested in is doing or saying. Calling her to make the date gives guys a lot of information on where he stands with her.

    When you call a girl and she doesn't answer, you must leave a message. To avoid any confusion say the following.
    "Hi my name is (your name). We met a few days ago. I'm sorry I missed you. My number is (your number)." Repeat twice. If she doesn't call you back, you will try one more time the next day. If she doesn't pick up or doesn't get back to you this time, throw her number aways. She's not interested.

    You should only be calling her on the phone to make a date and not to chit chat.
    Leave all the talking for the date. Doing this gives you more to talk about on the date.

    I hope this helps. : )

    • I've been already on date. But after two days she didn't picked up telephone, but we were texting... She was away from telephone and after that she called me ;)

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  • Wait on it i think u thinking to much into it

    • Yeah I think way too much xD... But she texted me that she was away from her phone:)

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  • Keep bangin off her phone!