Does this mean that it's going bad?

It's been 3 months and things started out great and when we are together it's wonderful, but lately we both have been super busy and stuff. like he has school stuff and i signed up for a club that's beginning to end and our schedules collide with each other so we can never see each other til about another week, and I'm okay with that. it's been like this for the past 2 wks.
but lately all we've been doing is talking through text and that may be the issue because that's all we can do due to schedule conflicts for the next week but i feel like we are having all sorts of problems. like ill text something in a way that upsets him or i'll jump to conclusions when he says something and then it stresses me out because face to face conversation or at least voice conversation is kinda important to me.
we both agree to work on things and i am totally willing to change my behavior for his benefit but i feel terrible because i just keep upsetting him on accident and I feel so tired of texting and stuff and i am starting to not be able to stand texting him because i can't tell what he's feeling or what his tone is supposed to be and it causes tension.
what do you guys think? is this a bad sign? we haven't argued just we keep finding things in each other that bothers us lately but this never happened when we were together in person a lot


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  • Personally, I'm just surprised you have't called each other or met up fleetingly to catch up! however, if you really haven't had the chance, I guess you haven't had much choice.
    Even if you can only find 5 minutes together and tell him that you love him and just remind yourselves why you're together that might help. You're probably both stressed from busy schedules and miss each other! So you're bound to be pretty emotional. Just remember you love each other and enjoy your relationship! even if you can't be together right now...
    Maybe just do a little something to cheer him up a bit, like send him a text in the morning when you wake up just saying 'I love you'. It seems so insignificant but that will make a good start to his day and remind him (and you) why you're together!
    I don't think this is going to make you split up unless you let it... I hope this helped, Good Luck
    Lucy xx

    • Thank you so much it means a lot!! And yes it has gotten better :)

    • Good! It was probably just stress and I'm glad I could help :)

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