This guy is giving me a wiplash. What's your take on this?

Me and this guy been on two dates - which I proposed - and chat sporadically. When we chat or talk in person, he's very attentive and considerate. Problem is, if I don't initiate contact, I'm not hearing from him.

After waiting about two weeks, I asked for another date, he wrote he had a lot going on (I already knew - obviously not that it's bothering him that much), but it had nothing to do with not wanting to see me again and he would explain on the next board meeting we both attend. I wrote a 'that's all ok and take your time' kind of message back, but he didn't answer.

So now the next meeting is coming up an I didn't hear back from him. I have no idea how he's going to give me his explanation, we won't be alone long enough for such a heart to heart during and he already told me he doesn't want to get together at this time, so I'm guessing having a drink afterwards is out of the question.

If he's really interested in seeing me again, no matter when he's ready - why doesn't he initiate contact once in a while, let alone checking in how I've been.
To me, it's coming of as: I'm not interested in you at all - not even just as friends, but the why then hell would he want to see me again?

How am I to find out where I stand with this guy? Can I ask him flat out without being awkward?
Other takes on how to handle this are appreciated.

Anyone? I really need some advice.


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  • He's not just busy at work/life, he's got another gal in his sights but not really getting anywhere with her... maybe pie in the sky wishes
    so... better to go out when asked than stay at home and you are attractive enough but really no time to pursue you, not on his radar.
    Sorry you're hooked on this guy so much that a one-way relationship is worth your time off more than shopping other guys that would pursue you... think about investing your time in better pleasure paybacks?