I have 0 experience in dating girls, and now, for the first time, things are maybe working! I need help from you guys and girls ( see details) :'( ?

so, first, im flirting with a girl online. We never met and she lives really far away ( im in usa, she's in asia).

But somehow, things worked really well! she flirted with me back, we talked on webcam, and she told me she was interested in me, and see me more than a friend! :)

But she doesn't want to enter in a relationship before we met IRL!

Im planning on going to asia this summer to meet her, but here's my question :

We flirt often, and talked litterally for more than 50hrs in 3 week, but usually in this type of situation, how often can it work if we meet in real life.

What are the odds that she might say, after meeting me IRL : naaahh, finally you are more a friend vs the odds of her saying: i would like if we can be in a relationship, even if its long distance for a while :)

Whats more likely to happen? ( im stressed a bit :P )

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ahhhhhhhhh 1 important thing that i forgot to mention is that i was and still am actually planning on living where she lives. And that plan was way before meeting her! So, i dont go to asia JUST to see if it can work! I would still have gone anyway!

I just wanted to know if when a girl says that she's interested in you, but want to meet you IRL before anythin, is that usually a good sign, or often, we you meet IRL, thnigs dont work


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  • Long distance relationships are tough. It takes a lot of commitment and honesty to be happy in a relationship where you don't see that person very often. But good luck to you

  • I wouldn't get your hope up with this one tbh! But you never know

    • ok, but why :) ? why this one? whats negative you think? only distance?

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  • You really shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, especially if its an online thing. If you're gonna go all your way out to travel so far just to see someone and you're not even certain of yourself a relationship will come of it, maybe you shouldn't get too invested in her.

    You need to take things more easily if you're just starting out to date. It's best to search around where you live, at most a couple hours of travel away.

    • forgot 1 thing! see update ! does it change anything in your opinion?