Why am I acting this way?

We just started dating and its fun. he's sweet and funny and when im with him I feel like I dont have to hide anything from him. The problem is when I am away from him I begin to feel myself panicking for what reason im not sure... or stressing because I dont really feel like I have to see or talk with him 24/7.
I have only had one relationship that was just horrible. Probably the one I regret more than not fighting back when I was assaulted a year ago. I just dont know whats wrong with me. Everyone I know stresses over not seeing their SO all the time but I just... i really like him but I know im trying to find something wrong... what is wrong with me?


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  • Sounds like PTSD and conflict. You need to find a mid ground. I call that moving with the flow, if you see him, you see him, if you don't, you don't, you just wait for the next time.
    You seem to have some background expectations, you should delete that. its unhealthy. probably why you panic and then overcompensate by feeling you don't have to be around him.

    • How do I go about deleting negative expectations?

    • Same way I said, just understand that things happen, and go with the flow. Be accepting. Disappointment only kicks in when one has expectations. but just to clarify, is it that you need to see him all the time, or you Don't need to see him all the time.

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