Aren't we supposed to put our children first?

My live in bf and I have a kid together and he always puts his parents and siblings before me and our child. Aren't we his primary family now? I mean there is supposed to be no bond stronger then one between parents and child.


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  • Are you married?

    • No but that's besides the point. We have a kid together and we are living together. Its not like we are a his couple who have been dating 6 months or something. Usually when you become an adult and you start your own family they come first.

    • Hs couple*

    • i understand, i was just asking to know the background instead of spouting nonsense. its a normal occurrence though. the expectation is that once you start a family, they come first and you leave the old one behind, but there are some people, both guys and gals alike that are so attached to their family, they don't realize that there is a new one that is created. you should bring this to his attention before it becomes a bigger problem.

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  • You'd think so. I would love a woman that gave me a child and the child. It would come naturally for me to put them first. I can't really explain his behavior unfortunately. At least, not in a way that doesn't call into question his character.

  • I have stayed married because I put my children first.

    I agree with you that kids come first above all else.

    At some point in the not to distant future, I will divorce. But not until my youngest is well into college.

    I put my needs behind theirs.


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  • Real men put their child before their mom and sister. Your bf is not a real man.

    • Yeah that's how I see it. Once you are both adults in my opinion especially if you live with your so and have kids together their needs come first because you make decisions based on what is best for your relationship and your kids and you dont have a successful relationship by putting them second to family.

    • I completely agree. Have you spoken to him about this?

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