Should I leave him alone?

Ever since I started seeing this guy, I've never felt more lonely. The other day he admitted to being selfish, I told him I could see that. Since I give him all of my attention and I hardly get any in return. He doesn't take the initiative in seeing me on the weekends. I know we live far from each other, like an hour. But he can drive hours to meet and party with his friends. Is he not worth my time? I miss him every second of the day we aren't together and when we are together we click really well, I'm so confused.

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  • seems like your putting all the effort in the relationship and he's not. he should but he's not. find someone else who crave s your love and attention as much as you do.


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  • If he's not making you a priority now early on in the relationship it will be like you don't even exist later. This is the time he's supposed to prove how important you are to him but he's proving that you are not.


What Girls Said 1

  • Stay but don't give him all your attention.

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