Why does peoples accounts on here become unactive?

why does peoples accounts on here become unactive?


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  • There are two reasons why this happens

    1. The user closes their account.

    2. They have been banned from the site for trolling, spamming or any other reason. I see you asked if they get their account back and the answer to that is no they don't. Once GAG has decided to ban someones account it is banned forever. However, there is nothing stopping them from starting a new account.

    In any of these two cases their account will then show as inactive.

    • I have seen a girls account on here get shut down for trolling after she constantly posted sexist comments about men. Like one after the other. Even now she claims she was not trolling but she was.

    • Thanks for covering, nice answer! ^.^

    • @Aizou Thanks mate.

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  • it means they have closed down their accounts, and no longer on here

  • you will see one post/ question and take look real good
    you will see almost everyone whose answered that post
    their account is deactivate /deleted that tells you something
    that person had more than one account they had side accounts
    when people can find old post / questions real easy that's their
    old accounts they are answering on..

  • Because multiple accounts aren't allowed RIP TeraKira lol

  • Because we get banned.

    • oh, do they get them back?

    • No, we do not.

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