Is this genuine or letting down easy?

He texts:
"I don't want to meet just now. I liked our first date and I will invite you to that second date, that remains as promised, so that's not it. But I'm going through a difficult time right now. I'll explain it all next WE, if you care."

Is this genuine or letting me down easy?
And does 'i don't want to get together' = 'i don't want to stay in touch'?

p. s. we're seeing each other next WE in a group class.


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  • Let him explain. Sounds like he needs someone to talk to and he likes u

    • Thing is, I already texted that I do care and he knows where to find me if he wants to talk, but he didn't answer. And I don't see how we will have the time for one-on-one during class... so I'm a bit confused on how to act when I'll see him.

    • U will behave the way u c fit at the moment I'm sure