Is POF a waste of time? Opinions?

So I've been on pof. My experience has been better than others I guess, I manage to get replies. But from what I see, it's mainly full of average looking girls (80-90%), and decent looking girls (10%). Naturally I am pretty handsome in real life, but I get the feeling that pof is just a waste of time... Full of average looking girls looking to find "the best looking guy they can"... Guys who probably wouldn't give them a first glance in real life. It seems to me girls have much more of an advantage. Opnions? your experience?


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  • Online dating is innately superficial simply because we can only see the surface of someone... their appearance. And on the rare time we want to read their profile it's still to brief to let us see someone's true self.

    And because of this women will always have an advantage because in "real life" men are more superficial. Women don't tend to FEEL attraction without meeting a guy and feeling his vibe. Where as men will superficially scan a room for the most attractive woman... looking at women from a distance is superficial.

    This isn't a judgement at all! We have to start somewhere right?

    And my experience with online dating was sometimes stunted because I didn't have the advantage of seducing a woman's feelings with my vibe, personality, and body language.

    But with that said, it does give us access to WAY more women than a local bar.

    My best advice is this... seek to meet women who don't live locally. I still have two great female friends who life in different countries who I met through online dating!

    Good luck,
    ~ Robby

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  • pics of your face since im handsome

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