Do you date more than one person at a time?

When you're single? Is it okay?

I talked to a guy friend of mine and he said it was OK to see other people at the same time when you're single to decide who you would make as your significant other?

I asked a girl friend of mine too and she agrees.

To me: I would only date one guy.

What's your opinion on this?


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  • If you and I were dating and I found out you were dating others behind my back, you'd be done. If we began dating and you said that you were dating other people on the side, we'd be done. If you mentioned prior to dating that you were actively dating other people, we wouldn't date. So in a nutshell, I don't date more than one person at a time.


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  • Yes I do and everyone should because, if your "dating" one person that means your going on dates with them, and it also means that your still single, so you can date whoever you want. Most guys think that if they go on a few dates with one girl then they can't go on dates with other women, because they're commited to her, but what they don't realize is how do they know she is feeling same way as he is. And guys keep in mind that if your dating one girl doesn't mean your the only guy she's dating also.

    Here's a perfect example of this, I was dating a girl recently we went on a few dates had sex, but I was also dating other women, and she was dating other guys, she even said I do like you but to be honest I have been dating other guys to, and I said well we're not in a commited relationship, just dating so you and I are free to date whoever we want.

    The point of dating is to find out if you really like the person and want to get in a realationship with them, and if you date multiple women you have a better chance of finding chemistry with one. The same thing happend with me, I was dating that girl for a while and the spark or flame just died down, and I backed off, she wanted me to chase her I didn't and we both started seening other people and I think she's in a relationship right now, which is fine with me, I don't care, we just dated we were never in a commited relationship.

    • Thanks it sounds reasonable as well. I think that was what my guy friend was talking about.

  • That really depends on how long you've been dating another person. Say you were newly single and went to a bar and got two phone numbers. You call both of them up and they both agree to a date. That's "dating" more than one person at a time. However, if you are into the third or forth date and still setting up dates with others, then that's not so nice. I guess I agree with your guy friend.

  • Dating several people is only okay as long as you have an understanding with the people your dating, and that they know. Seeing someone else behind another persons back is rude and immature. And you should do what you feel is right, not what your friends say. If you feel it's wrong or you feel it should be one person at a time, then do that.

    • To the person that disagreed, state your case. It's annoying if you just hit disagree.

    • My girl friend said the same thing if it's mutual. The guy friend tho said no one had to know if he was dating other people behind the girl's back.

    • We'll of course the guy is going to say that. You think he wants the girl to know he's going out with someone else? How lame.

  • No I think when you date you should focus all your attention on that one person. Would you marry more then one person? I don't think most people would. So it's the same with dating really...


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  • i've never done it but I think that as long as when you start dating & they let you know from the begining, then it's okay. any effor to omit or deceive is a big red flag as to the type of person they are.