Is this lame or to cheesey?

So to ask this girl out. I thought about since Valentine's is coming up go up and ask her would you be my valentine and go out with me. Is that a good or bad idea? Im asking 3 days before.


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  • Girls prep in advance long before dudes, if she has prospects, it'll be too late.

    • I'm friends with her friend. As of right now she doesn't. I'm hoping she won't have any plans.

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  • It's fine. .

    • You think I should make something to go with it?

    • I wouldn't ask me. I'm a terrible person.

  • if it doesn't involve writing it on a pizza, it's never too cheesy !

    • I was going to just say it. You think I should make a card or something?

    • depends what kind of girl you're confessing too.
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