Dating a guy with a child?

So I went on a date with a guy a few days ago. The date went great had dinner, we kissed it was great. He texted right after the date and the next day. He actually asked if i wanted to grab lunch the next day on our lunch breaks ( offices are close by) so we did. He then asked if I wanted to meet for drinks in a few days. Then that day he texted to say his ex's uncle (so therefore his son's uncle) had passed away and he had to postpone the date, which I completely understand. Here's my question, am I supposed to text him in a few days to be kind and ask if everything is ok. Or should I just hope after everything settles with his family he will reach out to me? Help never been in this situation!


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  • You both appear, dear, to be in a Date mate 'Situation,' and being that is said, there is nothing wrong in you Extending some courtesy on your own end To-----Text him in a few days to be kind and ask if everything is ok.
    He got a Great First Impression on your 'First' date and even suggested to 'Meet for drinks in a few days. With This, he even Extended his own personal Info of his 'Son's uncle' and wanted to make sure you knew in advance why he he had to 'Postpone the date. He was being considerate of you.
    With your gracious manners, you will continue to show him just what kind of Special girl you really are. So far so good in keeping him interested even with your maternal manners which when 'Everything settles,' he will know you have no ill manners.
    Good luck. xx

  • Always better to send a quick "hey hope you and your family are doing good" text and wait a few days while things settle than seem like an uncaring bitch.

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