Did this guy not like me?

It's hard to figure out dating and men these days. Most dates degrade me some way but they still kind of show they like me I'm beautiful and also friendly. Recently I met a guy and he was actually really cute and smart snd my type. However from the beginning he was kind of cold and distant I'm not sure if you put up a defense mechanism because I am pretty but that's what it seem like he was doing.

He wasn't very friendly and was just kind of acting like he had a poker face he was almost being a little rude to me. I was really friendly and nice and I smiled at him a lot and I think I showed him that I had some interest rather than being cold. I am a very pretty female and most men are extremely attracted to me but many are also mean to me because I'm beautiful. This guy was just acting a little cold it was weird and he didn't seem like he was enjoying hanging out with me most guys are also really turned on by me and they can't handle being around me because they're so turned on. I got the feeling he was probably really turned on as well. There was a lot of chemistry between us and he just seem to dislike me is there a reason why as a pretty woman guys who I have chemistry with and guys who r attracted to me they don't show it they just act like they dislike me. Are they waiting for me to show them I like them? I would think the guy usually makes the first move and this case he just seemed like he had some jealousy towards me but I also see that there is a chance that there could be something between us. How can a guy expect a woman to show him that she likes him when he isn't acting like he likes her at all. Honestly the way he was acting towards me was kind of rude and cold like he just didn't like me he didn't pay for my food that we took his wallet out but then he put it back and he didn't act like he had but he had a good time he was just kind of like okay well bye. In the beginning I almost fell really put down because he was acting so cold and uninterested

From his pics and attitude he seemed
Really s
Down to earth but when he met me he was he got really arrogant and preppy stuck up and kind of acted like he was better than me and he made me feel kind of inferior to him and I thought that was kind of weird. Hi really pretty and nice and I don't get why he was trying to make me feel like I was beneath him. It was weird. I did like him and was strange. Do guys use defense mechanisms with cute women some guys anyway


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  • He sounds like he may be insecure or have ego issues. It happens. Try calling him or asking him what he thought of the date

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  • If you acted half as arrogant as you sound then the guys would pick up on that. But most of this sounds like your interpretation of their actions, but really you have no idea why they behaved that way and if none of them make a second date or continue to pursue you then it's pretty clear that they don't like you, so don't obsess over their behaviour.

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    • In response to your original question, no he didn't like you, and it's clear why.