Valentine's day gift sent early. Girls, would this bother you?

Been dating this girl for 4 months and I haven't seen her in quite some time (parents are strict) so i decided to mail her something for Vday.

I bought her chocolate covered oreos (so good omg) and mailed it to her (by amazon). Amazon said it would deliver by Friday the 13th (one day early isint a big deal) but I just got an email the confirmed estimated delivery date is the 10th..

long story short, she's gonna get a vday gift 4 days early. would this bother you girls? be honest. by the way, she doesn't know im buying her anything for vday

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  • not at all! that would be sweet. i wouldn't care if it was early :) definitely better than late - seems like an afterthought

  • it'll be a sweet surprise.


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