Has any of you ever experienced that an old hookup/one night stand/casual sex partner etc, reached out to you long after you stopped talking?

Basically, a one night stand, or something casual, you had sex once or a few times, and then you broke it off, either you agreed upon it, or someone wanted something more serious while the other didn't or couldnt because of bad timing/not being ready etc.

Has someone like that ever tried to reach out to you long after you stopped talking with each other, with the intention of wanting to date you or hook up again?

Please share your experience if you want to as well as vote in the poll.

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Just to clarify, im wondering if you have experienced someone you had something casual and short with who broke it off with you, trying to get back to you because they started to miss you and regretted their decision.
please share more of your experiences
more opinions and experiences please
more opinions please
please would really like to see some more opinions


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  • Yes. This pretty much happens with all ex boyfriends, flings, one-daters, etc. My best friend calls me the Queen of "Hollabacks" lol I can have not talked to a guy for years and out of the blue he'll shoot me a text. I can't think of a guy off the top of my head who never tried to get back in touch eventually, but I imagine this has to be the case for most people.

    • Okey thats interesting, but if you broke it off with someone for some circumstantial reason at the time (maybe you had a lot of other things distracting you etc) would you ever consider dating a person like that who reached out to you afterwards?

      Also has a guy who broke it off with you (something casual an short) tried to get back in touch with you?

    • Yes, to the second question.

      To the first, that depends. Did I break it off because I was not attracted to him? Then probably not. If it was because of other reasons like I didn't feel he was right for me, or he wasn't acting in a way i liked, then yes I've considered dating them when they've reached out later.

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  • The guy I lost my virginity to recently texted me.

    • How long had it been since you last talked? did you have a long relationship or jsut a short fling? and did it end on good terms or not?

      Im mainly asking if you have experienced that someone you had something short and casual with, which maybe had the possibility of getting serious, but it didn't because one of you wasn't ready at the time or something similar, and one of you had to end it. If that person has gotten back to you or if you have regretted making such a decision and tried to reach out to such a guy long after you stopped talking

    • It had been a while. We weren't in a relationship. It was a one time thing, I wanted more. He couldn't give it to me. We ended on a awkwardly bad moment.

  • My ex husband and I got back together that way and married within a year and one of my ex's from before him tried hitting me up on FB a couple years back even though he was married as well and made his intentions clear on what he was looking for. He got turned down lol.

  • And I can never understand why.

    • What did you do? ignore them? was it you who broke it off in the first place?

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    • okey thats interesting, how did he know you where doing better than him, was he stalking you on social media?

    • Yeah, actually he was. And he knew where I worked. It was awkward. It was almost like he was obsessed with me. And then I completely deleted my Facebook etc. Changed my number. But he pops up every now and then.

  • Been with hundreds of guys and not one ever fancied a fuck again after the thing had finished.

    • Can you elaborate, did they break it off with you and then you tried to reach them again and they rejected you? im a bit confused

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    • by the way you say "hundreds of guys", so i must assume then that most of these guys where short flings, in some of those cases where you dumped a short term fling who you liked, if one of those reached out to you after a long time and you where single, would you consider dating him?

    • I dont know if you are still on this site, but if you are, can you please explain why you never tried to get back any of the guys you casually dated for a short while? since you said you liked them and ended things because you where overwhelmed. Why wait for them to come back if you where the one who ended it, why didn't you try to get them back?

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