How do people show affection towards each other?

This is a request for gag admins to ban a user called shadowlegend. This female is really evil
Hateful sick and dark. She has harassed me and my brother on numerous postings. We've flagged her comments and they're still allowed. She continues stalking and harassing us separately and were asking that you get this twisted monster banned. She is the most evil decrepid hateful sick person here. She has an obvious mental illness and is anti social evil and dangerous. We want to post here peacefully without this ugly evil troll harassing us constantly. Also your block function sucks. We can't block her shit self from our postings.

Shadowlegend is a very disturbed stalker sociopath. She's one of those demonic people you'd see on Ids dangerous women. This person is very psychopathic and a problem for users online. Of course my question will be removed but shadowlegend a demon from hell is allowed to harass and taunt and insult people as it wants. Shadowlegend is worthless and really should be castrated and shot. This demon thing also feels it has power because it bullies people online. Also the post is removed right away but shadowlegends harassment is never removed. Why are negative crazy people able to do anything they want and get away with it. Is this sicko a moderator?


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  • How is this not doing exactly what you claim I am doing? I gave an opinion and you didn't like it, then you continously attacked me. I encourage people to read your post and see exactly who was the worse person. You are drawing more attention to me by posting this and it only shows what lengths YOU go to, to badmouth other people. FYI when you post anonymous questions, it means I have no idea who you are, so there is no "stalking" going on. Don't think yourself that important to me.