What should I do?

I told her I would be there for her and she said im okay, thanks for the offer, does this mean i should move on?


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  • Yeah it sounds like she dismissed your offer, I'd just move on.

    • Is there a possibility she just doesn't have a problem and I'm making one up?

    • I have no idea.

    • She told me her grandmother is dying and I didn't call..

  • I feel like she doesn't want to express her feelings or get close. I'd at least ask her if you did anything wrong to get those responses. And if it's the same response or a couple words, I'd move on.

    • I think I pissed her off..

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    • I'd apologize to her for not calling her. And let her know you didn't mean that. Also give her time. Of she doesn't text or answer you, I'd ask if she's okay.

    • I apologized and I told her she turned me on with her fiestiness, and that I felt like we connected

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