Guys, do birthmarks make a girl ugly? Deal breaker?

I have a big one on my face and I always get starred at for it. Is it a deal breaker?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Not for me. years ago there was a girl with a massive birth mark on that covered half her face, it was like a purple color but to me she was soooooo attractive cause for some reason I was able to see her face beyond her birth mark.

    • That's nice of you. I feel like people stare at mine and it gets uncomfortable.

    • Yea people are always gonna stare. Me, I used to stare at that girl only cause I was so attracted to her, most are staring at the birth mark but not all.

What Girls Said 1

  • I actually have a birthmark on pretty much a quarter of my face. It covers half of my forehead on my left side and makes my eyelid droop. It's pink and my skin is thick around my left eyebrow, and the hair on my left eyebrow is sparse. I know it's really difficult to live with a birthmark. Every day I wish I woke as a model or something, but it's just not my life. I think that if a guy gets to know you for you, he will become attracted. But even I have major doubts about myself. In fact, I have never had a boyfriend, and I also have a similar question up. the only advice I have is to "fake it 'till you make it." It's what I'm doing, and I try to act confident (even if I'm really just crushed).