Why do men make comments about me being cold hearted or like closed off?

Why do men make comments about me being cold hearted or like closed off? Why does it matter? Who cares if I'm not friendly? I'm not kissing anyone's ***
I'm not an open book nor am I going to tell you everything. They tell me I have to smile too. Which I don't get


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  • Just tell em to fuck off.


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  • I don't know either. We like nice friendly women, maybe that's it. Sort of like when women tell me I'm too fat or too nice, or too not Brad Pitt. Also that I should wear a suit, which I would if they weren't so darn uncomfortable. And to be less boring. I should always have something interesting and funny to say up my sleeve at any moment, everyday. They think they're giving me advice on how to be happier, and I know they mean well and take it at face value. Maybe the men who tell you stuff think they're doing the same.

  • Why are you seem irritated?

    Those guys are spot-on about you.

    Does hearing truth about yourself bother you?

    • I just don't understand why they care

    • They simply don't like your introversion. Western society tends to define extroversion as good, and introversion as bad.

      However it does seem rude that they don't try to talk TO you, but are talking ABOUT you in your presence.

  • Sounds like u know it n u own it, do u

    • What?

    • I guess a lot of people on gag don't know that term,

      Just keep doin what u doin, be true to yourself

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  • It's that old time stereotype that women should smile and be friendly.

    I'm sometimes told I'm bossy. I was working on a group project and I was telling people what we needed to do for a specific part, and this guy called me bossy. Then another group member (male) started telling everyone what to do for the next part, and the same guy said he was good at taking charge. >.>

  • don't listin to what those guys say back in 2010 when I used to play the game star doll a guy told me I was bossy and that was cause I told a girl who used to be my frieand on the game not to be frieands with this other girl who bullied me so the girl I was frieands with ended up being frieands with the other girl who bullied me but know I got off that game and I lerned to just not care what people say about me and I just ignore the ones who say mean things

    • Did anyone ever tell you that your punctuation (or lack thereof) gave them cancer?

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    • no one told me that and I wish u and others would insulting me about my grammar and grammer slash spelling can't give people cancer and since u have such a problem with grammer go worry about your own grammer and pick on some one else your own sizes

    • What the hell

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