Is he already tired of me?

We've been dating for a moth and aren't even in the romantic stage like cute texts or anything (honeymoon phase) We are pretty comfortable around each other but I feel like he's already tired of me. We both are busy and stressed with college but we don't text cute like we used to it's basically a few lines like (ya. oh nice. etc.) he says he's happy to be with me but I don't know is he just stressed, tired of me, or comfortable


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  • Don't give much important to texts, most of guys are just like that. If he says he's happy to be with you, I would believe him (:
    However, you can talk with him and tell him he seems "bored" answering your texts, and ask him why he don't send some emotions or so :b


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  • he's probally comfoable with you. that honey moon phase has set sailed