My boyfriend thinks he's having sex with a kid?

I'm 18 he's 28. Because of the age gap, sometimes he told me he felt guilty sometimes because he thinks he's having sex with a kid... The legal age here is 16 and I'm not a kid but what do I tell him now? We love each other and everything but sometimes he just couldn't help feeling guilty...


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  • You can just mention this aspect to him, but other than that, it is really up to him. You can't really change his way of thinking.

    P. S. As a side note... i suppose I'd feel the same as him if I was having sex with an 18 year old (I'm currently 28).

    • He said he wouldn't know I'm 18 if I didn't tell him.

    • Well... even in that case, it may be difficult for him because he DOES know your age.

      Although it is perfectly legal, we men do feel some sort of guilt if we have to get physical with someone significantly younger. Not all men, but some.

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  • Tell him to stop feeling guilty because it doesn't matter. In the medieval times, 32 year old men would marry 12 year old girls. If you two love each other, age is just a number.

    • Since when tf is what people did in the olden days the final say on what's right?
      They also burned people alive for witchcraft at some point in fairly recent history, do you propose its ok if I burn my neighbor?

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    • More importantly, burning your neighbor is illegal because that's murder.

    • Yeah that's true. He always told me "age is just a number", but sometimes he just felt this weird way.

  • Although 18 is a legal age, to some it's still a child's age, probably for the lack of life experiences

    • He said he wouldn't know I'm 18 if I didn't tell him. He thought I'm 23 or 24. What I get from that is I'm mentally mutual to the point he thinks I'm 24.

  • So he's dating you and knows your age, but then feels weird about it? Don't date a younger girl then. Seems like it would be common sense to him lol

    • He's originally from mainland Asia that's why he's a bit conservative...

    • That doesn't explain his lack of common sense.

      "If I have a problem with girls that are too young, I shouldn't date them"... why didn't this thought cross his mind?

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