Guest at boyfriends house - he just ditched me? should I be pissed?

so im long distance with my boyfriend and i only get to see him every few months, he let me live with him for a month but i still feel like a guest in his apartment because of how rarely i see it. so 1st week in he had to go into work today to finish off a project that has had its deadline pulled forward and as a surprise i decided to make him a roast dinner for when he came home. i texted him asking him when he would be home and he said around 5 then 4 hours later texted me saying he was going to a restaurant with his boss and a work friend after work and not to wait up for him.

he didn't know i was cooking for him but i still feel like I've just been ditched alone in his apartment when im practically a guest here in another state


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  • Id be pissed. I rarely get to see you , make you a special dinner, I come to another state all for you. This is how you repay me , by going to the restaurant with your colleges. Uh uh he dosent value your effort or your time. If I were you id ditch back and leave. Leave the meal pack my bags and head out. Thatll show him not to take me for granted. Or you could always talk to him about it.

    • thank you, i feel like im just a spare part supposed to sit at his home till he's enjoyed himself and decided to come back. id never ditch a guest to go to a restaurant and leave them alone in my home

    • so how are you going to respond?

    • probably shit in his fridge... just kidding XD haha

      im eating his plate of food and watching his netflix,, ill leave tomorrow cause i dont have keys to leave the apartment

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  • he didn't know that you were cooking. Did you ask if his boss suggested it? Sometimes, if a boss suggests it, it isn't an option to tell him no.

    No, you shouldn't be pissed

    • well i wasn't annoyed about the cooking it was more that im a guest alone in his home for the first week in months in a state i barely know my way around and he's decided to go out without me. he suggested it to his work buddy and his boss walked past so he asked the boss if he wanted to come, no invite for me either.

      i just dont know how to react never had this happen before i feel like its pretty rude

    • Well, just tell him when he gets home. "That was fucking rude, NO BJ FOR YOU!" lol

  • Just be happy.


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