Is this a date or just hanging out?

I met this guy about 6 months ago at a social event (haven't seen him in person since).. we talk briefly once every few weeks on FB chat. It's nothing flirty, but I noticed he said stuff like "you look nice in your profile pic" once in awhile. All of a sudden he messaged yesterday asking if I wanted to get something to eat next weekend. He said "sorry I'm busy on Sat but Fri or Sun is ok". I told my girl friend about it & she said he's probably not interested since he's avoiding Valentine's day? I really hope she's right bc I'm not interested in him that way. Anyways, we're supposed to get dinner Sun night.. does it sound like a date or just a friendly hangout? Thanks!


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  • Sounds like a date to me? Maybe he couldn't get a reservation for valentines?

    • Should I clarify with him or would that be super weird? It's just that I've been in (several) situations where i thought we were just hanging out and the guy thought it was a date, and would later bombard me with calls/text and act like we were already dating

    • It might be awkward if you are there as a friend an he is putting the moves on ya lol I guess if your sure you only want to be friends then yeah... Get it clear first off

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  • I think it's a date. It's kind of uncommon for a guy you don't know or talk to very much to ask you out to a platonic dinner (unless it's work related). I think he wants it to be romantic, but doesn't want to make it weird or have too much pressure on Valentine's day.