If you ask a girl a question and she answers you without making eye contact, does that mean she's not into you? Like she stares somewhere else?

I was asking this girl about when she was coming back to the gym, and I suggest to do it tomorrow and she said" "tomorrow.. Mhhhhm, yeah I'll be here" while staring in front of her, while I was sitting next to her.


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  • It could mean nothing. I know when I was 15 I couldn't look the guy I liked in the eyes when I would talk to him because I was horribly insecure. She also might have just had something else on her mind that she was thinking about. Women are multi-taskers so we are thinking about 10 different things at any given time

  • Sounds like she was in a bad mood I think.

    • She wasn't lol

    • How would you know what she was feeling inside? Your a male for one, I am a female and I'm guessing she just wasn't in the mood to talk. Doesn't mean she doesn't like you.

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