I need help about a boy?

The boy I mentioned in my last question has been getting closer to me at lunch by moving to the table next to mine. This week when we were sitting there him and one of his best friends were looking at me and then when I looked at him he was already looking at me and our eyes locked but I always look away because my face turns red. One of my closest friends told me that he is always staring at me when I'm not looking his direction or I don't notice. While I was walking to my next class there weren't very many people in the hallway and my friend and I were going to our class and he was walking to his which is one the other side of my school and we turned a corner and so did he even though it didn't go to his class, and where ever I am he always seems to be there. My cousin is his best friend we are the same age said that he as in the boy I like is my lover but I don't know what he meant by that. Does He Like Me Back


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  • Maybe he dose. give it a couple day maybe he will ask you out on Valentine's day. I'm sorry he seems more like a stalker to me

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