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Would it be ok to text a girl saying you need to talk to her and to make sure she will be at the place you are so you could ask her out?


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  • Well, it simply depends on how you ask. Maybe invite her for lunch, coffee, or simply a walk in the park or at a certain place saying you need to talk about something important. This will rouse her curiosity, so chances are she'd really like to go. And it's fine considering you're planning to ask her out face-to face,

    • Would by text or message on favebook be ok to invite her to meet up?

    • Yes, defnitively

  • Don't word it "I need to talk to you", that makes it intense instead of romantic lol just casually ask her to meet up with you.

    • Would a text or Facebook message be ok to ask her to meet up be ok?

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    • Just ask to hang out and when you actually ask her out, then be honest and just speak from the heart.

    • Thanks so much for the advice.

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