Having a difficult time figuring out, "where we are" or what she wants, help please?

So I have only been out a few times with this girl, but when we do hang out we are both always on about how we can't believe how fast time went by. the last two times we ended up just laying bed together all day after a night out. I initially was treating this a bit more casually, but I think I might actually like her, but I am not sure how she might be feeling because I feel like she was thinking this was a bit more casual as well.

We text a lot, she'll text right up until she goes to bed and even on break at work.

I am just getting confused with stupid Valentine's day coming up and wondering now if I should figure us out a bit more than I had initially thought.

Any opinions on this would be great, if you have a question just ask. Thanks!


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  • ask her out maybe :D

    • I mean, anytime we have been together it was technically a date anyway. I mean more I can't tell what her expectations are given her mixed signals.

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    • not casual this time. Ask her for Valentine's. Just make sure she doesn't have any confusion. :/

    • But I am not totally sure that is what I want... Either way, t hanks for the input

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