What do I do when I have nothing to talk about with new people?

I feel like this is the one of the biggest things holding me back from finding a girlfriend. Every time I meet someone new, I run out of things to talk about because my home life is really boring, and I'm shy and socially awkward which doesn't help much. When I find new people it's always as if they want to text back and forth every minute or two, which I don't mind, but I have nothing else to say after about an hour or two. Honestly I feel like I don't deserve a relationship because I'll only bore her and make her depressed (I talk about my problems a lot which is bad so it brings the mood down).

What do I do? How do I keep conversations like those going longer? Like almost nothing happens in my life to talk about so I feel like I just have to wait until I become interesting hopefully later in life :(


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  • Hey no worries mate , I'm a boring asscheek too.


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  • Talk about her. Seem interested in little things, ask her about her childhood, her dreams, whether she believes in aliens etc, those kind of things usually lead to long, interesting conversations xD well in my experiences anyway.


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