Dating Italians?

So I live in Italy and I plan on living here for the next few years. I love the country, the food, the culture... the only thing that I can't get on board with is the men.

I know stereotypically Italian men are supposed to be the be all and end of of male sexiness. Italian stallion and whatnot. But I really can't see it. Yeah sure, I can see that certain men are attractive and that certain guys have a good personality and then you get the ones that have both. I can't get on board with the over the top texting, messaging, saying that they love you after one date, not getting the hint that you are NOT interested.

Like it's too much.

I can see why guys get turned off of needy girls. It's really not an attractive quality.

I was wondering if anyone else had this experience


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  • Try lowering expectations.

  • AmorĂ©! lol. An Italian waiter gave my gf his number at a restaurant we were at, I could of been offended but the desperation made it funny, I think Italian guys try seriously hard to be romantic and girls who've never experienced that before or who have low self esteem are flattered and fall for it. My parents are thinking of moving to Italy to escape the shit climate and miserable people in this country... Italy is where it's at! Why allow a few assholes to drive you away from such an awesome environment?

    • Oh I'm not letting it drive me away, It's just so the opposite way that I am used to dating. It's too much. Hahaa. Like I went on one date and I didn't reciprocate anything because I totally wasn't feeling it. He shouldn't still be texting me 3 weeks later. I am not playing hard to get. I am not interested. Haha

    • lmfao!! Some guys will shamelessly keep trying. The boys are indulged growing up so I guess they learn that if they keep asking for something from a woman they'll get it eventually.

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