Why are "nice guys" allowed to finish last?

If being "nice" is not enough why do these guys eventually find someone to settle with. If is was once not enough how does it become enough?


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  • If being "nice" is not enough why do these guys eventually find someone to settle with. If is was once not enough how does it become enough?
    Likely to becomes enough for gals who are no longer desirable/appealing enough to get the guy who is more than nice. No different to me than a guy who wants a partner as attractive as himself but can't get one so he settles for an unattractive gal just to not be alone.


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  • They don't. Wimps and wusses finish last... Just that all these soft ass guys convice themselves they ain't soft they're nice.


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  • I'm a former Nice Guy (tm). The answer is: it's up to the individual guy to make himself desirable, and Nice Guys aren't.

    Many assume that there are only two types of guys: Nice Guys and Bad Boys (aka assholes), but there is a third type: the Good Guy. The confusion comes from the fact that Nice Guys *think* they are Good Guys, but they aren't.

    A Nice Guy is a guy who has no self-confidence and little self-worth, and so he tries to compensate for this by "being nice." What he actually does is acts so OVERLY "nice" that he loses his masculinity and confidence, and just seems like a spineless jellyfish. That will NOT dampen a girl's panties.

    A Bad Boy is a guy who is confident (or, at least, can fake it well), but who also is selfish and self-centered - aka, an asshole.

    A Good Guy is a guy who is confident, and while he is "nice" to a reasonable degree, he always remains IN CONTROL, and MAKES THE DECISIONS, and he TAKES CRAP FROM NO ONE, including the girl.

    See, despite what "feminism" might have taught you, most women really want the man to be "in charge" and for him to make the decisions and be the leader in the relationship. That's what moistens women's panties. Now, even though he makes all the decisions, a GOOD guy will take her needs and desires into consideration (that's him being "nice") when he reasonably can, but regardless, HE will make most/nearly all of the decisions. This means he will have a PLAN, and will THINK about things ahead of time, and will take the time to PAY ATTENTION to her and LEARN about her.

    And THAT is what most girls are looking for. Alas, there are few Good Guys in the world - they are easily outnumbered by Bad Boys, and FAR outnumbered by Nice Guys. Fortunately, many Nice Guys eventually find some confidence and because at least somewhat of a Good Guy, but many never do. Many fight it all the way, and expect women to change for them.

    Those men have long relationships with the right hands...

  • Settling isn't winning as a guy.

    As you get older, pressure mounts more heavily on women to get married and settle down and have kids. Some marry guys they're wildly into. Some start dropping their standards - particularly their standards in terms of sexual attraction and excitement, and start going for a pleasant guy with a decent job who can pay a mortgage and share the chores. So if you're a reasonably employed, reasonably responsible middle age guy, you can get married. For sure.

    Since for women, getting guys wanting to screw your brains out is easy, and getting married is harder, women will act like 'nice guys win in the end'. But for men, it's pretty easy to find a woman willing to spend most of your pay and live in a house you bought and maybe even have mediocre sex with you occasionally, what's harder is to get a woman who is really passionate for you. So these guys aren't winning at all.

    You're a man. If you're doing it right, woman will want you. Not just settle for you because they want a family and time's running out.

  • What has any woman you approach done so good to you that you try to be nice or worse do nice things for her? Be yourself or better be the best of your own version and never try to suck up to anyone. Girls can sense that and therefore they go for the lesser evil, which are bad boys. In my opinion nice guys are the real assholes, because they break easily, lose their temper, have bigger hidden fears and ego walls. Its a social epidemic and not judging you. The day you become your complete own self and really not care what girls or other guys think of you, you will be on the winning side. You shall not be nice but great !

  • What happens is women have their fun with the bad boys, the jerks and douchebags, once their pussy resembles the wreckage of a car accident and their bodies are declining with age, their best days are behind them and they cannot compete with younger women they settle down with the nice guys.

    Your time will come.