Long distance help? Am I being controlling?

I'm going to have a longer thing explaining stuff but the big thing is my girlfriend having online guy friends (people she's never met in person) makes me very protective and jealous. I honestly don't care is she has guy friends as long as she has met them in person. Am I wrong?

So me and my girlfriend are long distance and have been dating for over 10 months now. We got in a lot of fights this last month and decided to talk a break for a week. It looked like that might have helped be then the first day we got back together I found out she texted her "ex" I say "ex" because she met the guy and said yes to being his girlfriend and left him in less then a month and it was all online. So she texts this guy who she only ever knew for like two weeks who she stopped talking to because he was a asshole and they haven't had any contact for over a year. I get mad and ask her to stop texting him, first she tells me that she was sick and wasn't thinking then I said that then she can tell him she's done talking to him for good and that we can move on. She gets more mad at me and tells me I'm controlling. And at this point the guy texts me (I guess she gave him my number) and said "ur whore sent me nudes sh my b**** now" and so I go off on him and her. Things get really bad then her friend takes her phone and texts me and the other guy, she starts to say I'm controlling and stuff then she figured out that the other guy has been lying a lot and I show her what the guy says. Me and my girlfriend talk and we both say sorry. We're talking another break for at lest a month. I had her promise me she will not talk to anymore guys online, I said I'm ok with real life guys just not online ones. Is that contorting? Also it hasn't even been a week and I miss her bad. How to help that?

  • let her talk to guys online (people she and I have never actually met)
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  • Or have both of us only have real life friends of opposite gender?
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We have met in person a few times. I'll also will be moving to where she lives.


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  • You have a fucked up "relationship" the fact that its long distance and I doubt you've even met IRL maked it even more ridiculous. Get a local girl and stop wasting your time with retarded drama.