Does he like me?

I've had a crush on one of my best guy friends for about 3 years, and I haven't really dropped any hints about it or anything since I'm very shy and I don't want to risk our friendship. He talks to me all the time and always smiles and tells jokes when he's around me. However, last night we had a long conversation over text in which he asked me what the best way to ask a girl out was, and then he kept asking me to "roleplay" ("if you were the girl, would you say yes?"). I don't know whether to go for it and tell him that I like him, but then I don't want it to be forever awful and awkward since I see him a few times a week. We don't go to the same school. At the end of our conversation I asked him who his crush was, and he sorta freaked out and said I didn't know her... I'm trying to persuade myself that it really is some girl from his school who I don't know (it probably is) but this thought won't stop nagging at me that he's crushing on me too. Any thoughts? Should I tell him, should I wait to get more information from him, or maybe what are some ways I could hint that I like him?

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  • If you talk about it again, tell him that he needs to be straight and tell the girl that he likes her, and if you do the roleplay and he asks you 'would you say yes?' say 'probably'. Guys under 18 are weird and sometimes there is an actual girl that they want to ask but sometimes they're too shy to ask you out and they're trying to ask you indirectly. How old are you btw?

    • I'm 15, thank you so much for your advice! I told him "probably" last night! Update though, this morning I noticed an autocorrect mistake from last night where I was sarcastically replying "I'm too good for that" about something and it autocorrected to "I'm too good for you", but I didn't notice it last night! I sent him a text apologizing for that and explaining the autocorrect mistake but he read the message about an hour ago and didn't reply :( ugh

    • wait till the next time you're going to see him and apologise to him in personal, and then after all that happened I think you should tell him that yeah, you would go out with him if he asked. I'm seriously hoping I helped you. And take care of the auto correct next time. :D