Is he cheating?

Iam in a long distance relationship , everything was ok till last saturaday, he didn't call or text me all day when i text him around 7pm he replied and told me he is going out to get something to eat , so he would text me when he gets back home coz i wanted to talk to him, he didn't text me again yet i saw him online few times, yesterday morning i text him asking if he is fine , he didn't reply me at all!
today i was worried and decided to call him, he didn't pick the phone but text me later and told me he is busy at work , that he was up and down because his friend last his daughter!

i told him sorry but i dont believe him , i just think that maybe he had a girl over the weekend!

I have a feeling he was cheating on me , do you think iam wrong?


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  • Well something is up, but doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating. If it were something with a buddy, he would've answered your call and told you about it. Instead he's been avoiding contact and couldn't tell you his lie over the phone, decided to text it.

    I'd back off a bit, and reevaluate him and how he acts going forward. Long distance relationships are tough, and impossible without trust. This may have been a rare weekend, but if it becomes a habit you may need to end it.

    • Do you think i should bring it up and ask if he was cheating coz we a Skype call tonight or i should just talk about other things?

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    • Oh this is a woman he's dated in the past? Nah, something's definitely up. Even if they didn't physically hook up (which is still likely), he was emotionally connected to her. He wanted to be with her, and did it at the expense of your relationship. He tried to hide it the whole weekend. If I'm going to go see a guy I used to date for an emergency, you bet I'm going to tell my boyfriend about it immediately so he doesn't assume the worst.

      I think it sounds fishy and showed that he placed her as a higher priority than you. Add in the long distance, and it would be very easy to get away with cheating unfortunately :/

    • he told me that he is sorry and didn't mean to hurt me, do you think i should be with him or just let me go

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  • Not necessarily.


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  • Sorry but I think so. He might be cheating for sure.