Am I being too cold with my bf?

I've got mad with my bf these days, but he seem don't know about it. And he just said I miss u and I love u. But I didn't response such things back to him. I just said Thanks. And im sure that he got mad. But how can I be so sweet with him? If im still in bad mood coz of him. what should I do?


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  • Knock this crap off right now. Do you like him? If so, stop playing games with his head and tell him why you are mad and what is bothering you. Talk to each other like adults. If you don't like him, still tell him what you are mad and what is bothering you. Men are not mind readers, we have no clue how to fix problems if we do not know what caused them.

    What could he have possibly done that would make you act so cold to him?


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